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What is TMI?
The Talent Magnet Institute™ exists to move you from a reactive to a proactive talent strategy mindset.  This means that instead of scrambling to respond to situations around recruiting, hiring, retaining and developing your team – you’re creating a long-term, sustainable strategy that will help your business reach its goals.

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Your businesses success and its longevity matters. Your brand reputation matters.  Your leadership and life matters. The success of your employees and their satisfaction matters.

TMI has a world-class podcast, organizational and leadership assessments, membership content and curriculum, training, coaching, symposiums, consulting services and best-of-class faculty ready to help you achieve the next chapter of success.

We are dedicated to reframing success in leadership one leader and one organization at a time.

Your focus is on delivering results for your organization, and we’re the partner that can ensure you retain the right people on your team, working hard to achieve the goals of your organization while achieving their personal goals. Your ability to attract, recruit, onboard, develop, and retain top talent is the difference between realizing success or spinning in endless, and expensive, employment challenges and issues. The Talent Magnet Institute was created to help you step into the liberating space of proactive talent strategy.

TMI provides leaders with a holistic approach to manage and develop their people by aligning business strategy with talent strategy and providing the best possible employee experiences. Through the Institute, leaders learn how to develop brand ambassadors, attract and retain the right talent, onboard effectively and foster leaders. Our solution of Becoming a Talent Magnet™ provides best practices, models, tools and behaviors that advance your organization to be a talent magnet.

Our proven philosophies are transformative on a personal and professional level for all leaders. We are earnestly reframing success in leadership by helping individuals around the world succeed in relationships, work, community and life.


WHY & Culture
Employment Brand
Diversity and Inclusion

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Start with ‘Why’
Seek Clarity
Get Specific
Know Your Who
Develop Talent Supply

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First Month
First Quarter
First Year

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Performance Management

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Meaningful work
Personal and Professional
Feedback and Voice

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