Recruiting is so much more than filling an empty seat – it’s about fulfilling the long-term vision you have for your company. The only thing standing between you and the goals you’ve set as an organization are the people to help you get there.

If your philosophy has been to plug holes with the quickest talent that comes along, you’ve probably seen a lot of turnover. Expensive, disruptive, damaging turnover. This happens because it’s how most companies have always done things.  Waiting until there’s a need, then trying to fill that need with the best person who is available now.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Your hiring process should start with a look at your current team and the direction you want to go. You should be hiring leadership talent who embraces your organizational values, matches your culture and has the necessary competence to fulfill their function and uplift the team.

The Talent Magnet Institute helps you recruit with the future in mind.  We partner with organizations that have long-term dreams and clear business strategies and are looking for the leadership talent to get them there.  This kind of recruiting will take you where you want to be. Here’s a little bit about how we do that:

  • Identify the “why” of your hiring
  • Seek clarity for the roles
  • Get specific about your needs
  • Develop a talent supply, especially leadership talent
  • Know what types of people work best in your organization