Onboarding should be an exciting, challenging time for you and for your new team member. This is where you are taking the next steps together, and really getting a handle on his or her role, his or her experience in the company, and what the future is going to look like. But more often than not, it’s boring at best, and demotivating at worst.

Onboarding is so much more than policies and paperwork.  There are dozens of details that are easy to improve to make a new team member’s experience positive – and that kind of first impression has a huge impact on the length of his or her tenure with your company.  Bringing in a new team member and then providing he or she with no roadmap for assimilation is a recipe for failure.

Far too many employees leave within 6 months because they haven’t been properly welcomed, informed and trained.  Don’t lose your talent because of a lacking, or nonexistent, onboarding program.  This first step in your new team member’s journey with you should reaffirm his or her choice to join your team.

Here are some of the onboarding topics we cover:

  • The role of reference checks in onboarding
  • The value of an applicant survey
  • Onboarding activities prior to start date
  • Establishing good communication
  • Checklist for first day, month, quarter and year