Attracting talent eases the burden of finding the right people for your organization. They are there, in the wings, waiting for the opportunity to work with you, and ready to invest fully in helping you succeed. But being an attractive organization isn’t something that happens by accident – it takes hard work, and sometimes difficult changes – starting at the top.

If you’re not attracting the talent you need, then you will constantly be in the hamster wheel of wasting time, resources and growth opportunities recruiting, recruiting, recruiting… just to stand still. That time could be better invested reaching your business objectives.

An attractive organization has the kind of culture, benefits, reputation and goals that people can’t help but talk about and want to be a part of – it becomes a true talent magnet. Attractiveness permeates the DNA of a company, and that is the Talent Magnet Institute’s focus. We work directly with leaders to create thriving communities and economies. Here are some of the topics we are covering in the institute… and we’re always developing more.

  • Developing healthy corporate culture
  • Establishing and promoting your employment brand
  • Becoming aware of your true brand reputation
  • Understanding and implementing diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Aligning each employee’s role with the organization’s vision